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Everyone can afford to look fabulous by accessorising 

Cutting glass to create with Mark

7 July 2020

Getting prepared to create a master piece, using a special glass cutter to cut the required pieces.

Kiln shelves prepared with glass work to go in the kiln

7 July 2021

Pieces of glass cut ready create pendants on the 2 kiln shelves.  The initial firing takes about 18 hours.  Some pieces are being re-fired for a second time.  Note the flowers on the far shelf are tiny individual shards of glass made into a flower

Into the kiln the shelves go

7 July 2021

Two shelves are going into the kiln for 18 hours - now we have to wait and see what they come out like. The waiting is hard and sometimes things never come out as you expect - they can be better and sometimes very different.

Making circles of glass

20 July 2021

When you want a circle of glass you cut 2 squares and off set them.

For long petals you cut 1 rectangular piece and then cut a smaller rectangle put them in the kiln and wait 18 hours.

Hey presto & like magic you have glass round circles

20 July 2021

18 hours later we round circles of glass along with some different lengths of petals we were trying out.

Sunflowers hanging in the window

18 September 2021

Our gorgeous sunflowers hanging in the window ready to sell..

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